The British Shooting Show’s Facebook DELETED!

The Facebook page of the popular The British Shooting Show has been removed from Facebook. Just like other big pages and groups, the ban hammer has come down. It seems that anything gun or shooting related it getting hit be it on FB or Instagram. Is it just Meta though or are other social media platforms going to do the same?

The “banning” activity has been stepped up over the past four months with the automated FB algorithms banning individual members who post any gun related content on their personal profiles including long bans and permanent account closures of Olympic target shooters. I have had my own account put on a 28 day ban just by managing a page for Livens Gun Shop. Their page was deleted.

Now, just because we have this safe place here at, I’m not going to just use someone else’s bad luck to promote this site. We would love the BSS to jump on here and use our platform as this place is for the whole shooting community and a safe place for the industry too. We appreciate the work that goes into building a FB page and / or group, it can take months of posting and promoting and can be a full time job!

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Go check out the BSS’s website- and give them some love on Instagram.

BSS, if you are reading this, come on in, the kettle’s on! Rack.

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