Tipton Ultra Gun Vise, Gun maintenance made easy!

The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise features a completely modular interchangeable design to allow virtually any shape of firearm, airgun or crossbow to be cleaned and worked on with ease. The ball and socket articulating clamp pads allow for the pads to adapt to any surface. The dual clamp technology rigidly holds any firearm shape in place, while the rigid steel tube frame structure allows for complete access to your firearm or crossbow. The front and rear clamps are both height and length adjustable, and feature fast-turn knobs allowing for quick clamping. The solvent-resistant accessory and tool trays are movable and removable to stand up to even the toughest jobs.

Ultra Gun Vise in action!

I’ve had the Ultra gun vise since Christmas 2023 and I have to say that I’m suitably impressed with it! It make gun cleaning and scope mounting a very easy task. As you can imagine, I often have to fit scopes on test guns that come into the Rack Cave for review. Be it a centre fire rifle, rimfire rifle, airgun, shotgun or even an airsoft gun, it will more than likely end up in the Ultra Vise for fitting of an optic or the like.

Check Tipton’s website for more details- https://www.tiptonclean.com/gun-vises/

With it’s tough construction and ease of use, the Ultra Vise from Tipton offers a solid work area for gun tinkering and cleaning. I especially like the two tray that you get with the vise to put bit and bobs in so that you do not lose them. The solid clamps hold virtually any shaped gun firmly in place. If you own an AR15 then you will especially like the mag-well clamp that locks into your AR through the magazine well. Even a long barrelled pistol can be worked on as each individual vise can be slid along the tracks to accommodate any sized gun.

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Notice how the AR is locked into position through it’s magazine well.

This is my set-up and yes, it IS organised for me! Most of the common tools that I use have been place underneath the vise for easy access and I found drawer trays in Ikea that are the exact size of the feet on the vise so the whole thing just fits in perfectly. With a tray underneath, if you drop something like a screw or a spring, it won’t bounce off into the unknown! Hopefully!

The trays that come with the Tipton Ultra Vise are very handy.

The small trays are good too but I think three should have been supplied as there is room for them. They also slide along the rails so you can position them where you like.

The Ultra vise in action in the Rack Cave.

I reckon that any good gunroom or man cave needs a decent gun vise and I can highly recommend this one from Tipton, it earns it’s keep in the Rack Cave!

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