Benelli Lupo HPR First Look!!!

Introducing the Lupo HPR BE.S.T., where HPR signifies High Precision Rifle. This name embodies the core of the Lupo HPR BE.S.T., crafted to deliver excellence in professional Long Range shooting and hunting.


Achieving unparalleled ACCURACY, it maintains 0.75 M.O.A. accuracy over 5 shots at 100 yards in any weather conditions, courtesy of its integrated accuracy system.

With a receiver combining a steel upper and aluminium lower, the RECEIVER WITH CHASSIS STRUCTURE guarantees supreme structural rigidity, weight optimization, and unwavering stability during shooting.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN defines the Lupo HPR BE.S.T., seamlessly integrating with the shooter, promoting a natural and comfortable shooting stance.

The BE.S.T. CRIO BARREL enhances precision with its 22 mm diameter, longitudinal fluting for rapid heat dissipation, and cryogenic treatment. The exclusive BE.S.T. muzzle brake stabilizes shots by evenly dispersing exhaust gases.

BE.S.T., or Benelli Surface Treatment, shields against rust and wear, applied to the bolt, bolt handle, upper receiver, bolt lock lever, barrel, and muzzle brake, ensuring smooth bolt cycling.

With a DOUBLE STACK MAGAZINE holding 5 shots, seamlessly integrated and facilitating smooth chambering, it’s adept for both professional shooting and hunting.

PICATINNY RAIL, with a 30 M.O.A. inclination, compensates for earth curvature and expands the scope’s field of view, perfect for precision at extended distances.

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VERSATILITY is unmatched. Transition from professional long-range shooting to hunting mode is effortless, making it the world’s only bolt action to autonomously transform.

In the PROFESSIONAL SHOOTING VERSION, a removable bag rider and interchangeable vertical grip promote stable and accurate shooting. The HUNTING VERSION features interchangeable grips for easy adaptation.

MODULARITY is at its peak with 672 configurations, featuring adjustable drop positions, deviations, comb configurations, L.O.P. measurements, and trigger distance plate.

ADJUSTABLE COMB alters comb height by up to 40 mm, ensuring perfect alignment with the scope. Six L.O.P. OPTIONS offer tailored comfort.

CUSTOMISATION reaches its zenith, with extensive M-LOK CONNECTIONS for accessories, and QUICK-DETACH CONNECTIONS for enhanced portability.

Experience unrivalled COMFORT with PROGRESSIVE COMFORT – a recoil absorption system that adapts based on ammunition, ensuring optimal control and comfort.

TECHNICAL INFO LUPO HPR BE.S.T. Find technical characteristics by clicking the numbers on the firearm.

TECHNICAL SHEET GAUGE: .308 WIN, 6.5 mm Creedmoor WEIGHT: 4250 g (.308 WIN), 4300 g (6.5 mm Creedmoor) TRIGGER PULL: Adjustable from 9.99 N to 20 N LOP: From 350 mm (STD) to 385 mm MAGAZINE: Removable double stack – 5 shots; optional 10 shots CONNECTIONS: M-LOK on stock (1 connection) and fore-end (6 connections); ambidextrous quick-detach sling swivels on stock and fore-end LENGTH: 1175 mm BOLT: 3 locking lugs, fluted, BE.S.T. treated STOCK: Modular with Progressive Comfort system, interchangeable grip, hunting (assembled), professional shooting (supplied), removable angle bag rider BARREL: 61 cm with 22 mm diameter and longitudinal tapering MUZZLE THREAD: 5/8″ – 24 TPI with Benelli exclusively designed muzzle brake mounted COMB: Adjustable in 8 configurations of 5 mm (total height variation +40 mm) ECO-FRIENDLY BOX: Eco-friendly cardboard box with accessories and certificates.

The Lupo HPR BE.S.T. redefines precision, versatility, and comfort, making it an exceptional choice for both professional long-range shooting and hunting pursuits.

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