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East Midlands Regional Range Club is one of the premier shooting clubs in Nottinghamshire, offering training and participation across many target shooting disciplines, we have something for everyone.


Every week we have access to 2 ranges in Nottingham, each one we can fire different types of firearms on. So we run the club on a priority basis.

The priority basis has been structured to enable the most shooting for the majority of shooters, you will always get a shoot but sometimes you may have to wait for a slot on the range.

Wednesday night we generally shoot (17.00-21.00)

  • Small Bore Target Rifle
  • Small Bore Bench Rest
  • Lightweight Sports Rifle
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Long Barreled Pistol / Revolver
  • Air Rifle / Pistol

Friday night (19.00-22.00)

We have access to a range suitable for larger calibre firearms including:

  • Full Bore Target Rifle
  • F Class Rifles
  • Bench Rest
  • Vintage Arms
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Civilian Service Rifle
  • Muzzle Loading


Morning - Junior Shooting Section, encuraging the next generation rifle shooters.

Afternoon (14.00-17.00) - General shooting, and section training.

Sunday - (15:00-18:00) - Practical Training and UKPSA competition shoots.

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